Being veterans in this field, we know there is a need to continuously evolve with the market. Hence we give a lot of importance to training and development. With daily performance evaluation and cross trainings, every day is a learning day at Save & Switch. We have an open work culture where everybody learns from everybody. This helps us to wield new ideas with traditional values to create a unique sales force.

The training process not only creates a good salesman but transforms an individual into a bright, confident and successful professional.

Our Training program consists of the following Stages

Introduction to Sales

This is the initial introduction to sales practices for new joiners. It helps in creating an understanding of the sales environment and builds in confidence through various group work and role plays. It covers the following sections.

 1.  Understanding of basic principles of sales.

 2.  Building in confidence.

 3.  Importance of professionalism.

 4.  Sales Ethics.

 5.  Role Play.

Introduction to the Product

Product training are delivered in conjunction with client companies and is tailored for the product or service concerned. This helps the trainee to get acquainted with the core values of the product. It covers the following sections.                      

 1.  Brand Values.

 2.  Product Knowledge.

 3.  Customer Understanding.

 4.  Field Training.

Daily Evaluation and Training

We believe in continues development and an open learning culture. Daily performance & group trainings help everyone share their experience & knowledge with the group & face with problems as a team. At Save & Switch every day is a learning day.

We have activities like


 1.  Daily tacking of learning curve.

 2.  Professional guidance.

 3.  Obstacles and Opportunities Review.

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