Our Solutions

Direct Marketing Solutions:

Direct Marketing is one of the oldest yet most effective way of marketing. In Ireland 75% of sales in utility (gas, electricity etc.) comes from direct marketing. It enables the brand to interact with the customer one-on-one. We have a well-trained army of sales professionals efficient for this task and have been delivering results since 2010.

Brand Awareness Solutions

We reach out for your potential customers and introduce them to the brand face to face. We advertise the brand in a tailor-cut fashion customized to the needs and requirement of every potential customer. We ensure this is conducted in a professional manner while holding the client's basic ethics and ideas in the highest form.

Customer Retention.

Research has shown it costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer that to retain an old one. We personally get in touch with your clients to understand their expectations with the brand. This helps in understanding their current requirement and delivering on it before a competitor does.

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